Creating a Thank You Page that Matters#

Creating a Thank You Page that Matters pubblico gruppo

One thing about thank you pages is they do not have to be overly complicated to be effective. Why do you think the thank you page gives us a great opportunity to make the most out of our leads and/or customers?So over time what you are looking at is the cumulative effect which is so important to all marketing funnels. Your marketing has created momentum with a desired action that has been taken which is significant. You have heard of upselling, well this is just a relative of that effort but is not identical. If you currently use thank you page, then continue to discover what you can do with them. complete story The prospect should be given a one-time offer on the thank you page - this is tip number one. Whatever you offer, it needs to be a significant perceived value, and at a price that astonishes the visitor. Offering an OTO (one that you personally own) is the best way to use this tactic. The value should be quite large, something that the prospect will want to have. You don't want to present just anything. Delivering something of true value is what you need to do. This way, you'll be able to get a few solid sales in the backend. Make sure your thank you page leads to other online destinations where you may also have relevant offers posted. You only have to make sure that the content is related to what the prospect or customer just received. This can be a way for you to increase traffic to your other sites and perhaps make additional sales. Provided that you're pointing them towards high quality content, they'll be glad to have this additional information. Just make sure that any site that links to your thank you page, whether yours or not, is going to be helpful and worthwhile. Just be sure to stay with the same niche when you encourage them to visit another site, as you w

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